Goodbye 2015, Hello 2016

The end of 2015 at TrimLab felt like the grand finale on a wonderfully fashion packed year.

We kicked off 2016 with some visits from aspiring fashion students from all over the world! We gave them a tour of our showroom and a rundown of what we see happening right now in the industry. TrimLab is proud to be able to touch so many inspiring students who truly are the future of fashion.  It’s one of our resolutions to continue to share our history and experience with the incoming generations of the fashion industry!



We set up our booth at the DG Expo trim show at Hotel Pennsylvania and at FIT for City/Source’s trim show. Wefeatured Decorative Trimmings, TrimLab’s newest line of trims along with some new product lines from YKK! TrimLab is looking forward to being the go-to showroom for all YKK’s newest and trendiest zipper lines and innovations!




To close out January, we voted for the Rising Star finalists notably Sarah LaFleur of MM.LaFleur of whom we nominated for the FGI’s sponsored Rising Star competition in the womenswear category.  Another favorite was Michelle Vale’s line SOAK that was a finalist for the accessories category.  We were so impressed with the new emerging talent that were making such an impact on the industry. Congratulations to all the finalists and winners of the Rising Star Competition and kudos to FGI for hosting such an amazing event.



February kicked off with New York Fashion Week – Men’s, where we saw a lot of amazing collections, notably the Public School presentation that was complete with customized zipper pulls from yours truly. This article truly showcases the different ways zippers made their mark on the runway during men’s fashion week! Women’s fashion week was very exciting. We saw a lack of pants on the runway at Milly who made up for it with beautiful jackets and bright leafy prints. Tommy’s Fall 16 show was more of a theatrical performance than a fashion show. A giant ship, made to simulate a cruise, was called the T.H.Atlantic while the ladies of the runway walked on the deck complete in nautical and old Hollywood inspired looks. We were most impressed with the Carmen Marc Valvo runway show where zippers truly made a splash on the scene. The runway show featured gowns with belts at the waist made entirely of zippers, women’s trousers with a symmetrical functionless zipper down the seam and men’s blazers complete with zipper trimming. Needless to say we’re excited for what else is to come for the rest of Fall/Winter 2016!




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