Flashback Friday: National Zipper Day 2015

_MG_5853Exactly one month ago today on April 29th, 2015, TrimLab hosted their very first National Zipper Day extravaganza. Already committed zipper enthusiasts, we had been celebrating the 100 year anniversary of the zipper for quite some time, but the day
the Nation recognized to commemorate the zipper was an extra special occasion for us.
the usual suspects along with some additional zipper lovers that we knew would enjoy a reason to celebrate such an amazing fastener.

We trimmed our showroom with zipper decorations big and small, including educational _MG_6008posters that described the history and importance of the zipper as well as an installation of zipper jewelry by Kate Cusack. We had zipper bracelets, zipper tattoos and zipper nail decals made for our guests to enjoy at the party as well as various contests (like our Most Creative Zipper Ensemble contest) and raffles where our invitees could win exclusive zipper necklaces, gift cards and even tickets to a Yankee game.

Screen Shot 2015-04-30 at 12.34.18 PMOur guests didn’t know it at the time, but our NZD party would also serve as the unveiling of our newest venture: The Zipperati Society. The elite Zipperati Society is a “tongue- in-cheek” online community of zipper enthusiasts brought together to appreciate and share their mutual love for the zipper. The society has a website _MG_5903(www.zipperatisociety.com) as well as the important social media channels (@ZipperatiSociety on Instagram, @ZipSoc on Twitter, and http://www.facebook.com/ZipperatiSociety on Facebook). The unveiling took place during the middle of the party with an announcement from Roy Katz, the President of the Zipperati Society. The Zipperati Society scroll was revealed where “charter members”, all present at the gathering, could sign their names and receive their membership cards!

Overall, the event was a total success. Those who may not have had a love for the zipper when they walked in to TrimLab, most definitely left with one along with zipper tattoos and membership card to prove it.


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