TrimLab / HSFI Design Competition

TrimLab’s longtime friend Rob DiMauro, was instrumental in forging a relationship with the High School of Fashion Industries (HSFI). Robert created the Industry Partnership Program (IPP) which strengthens the bridge between the fashion industry and the HSFI students. Robert has dedicated the program to his father, Thomas Gaetano Di Mauro, who attended the High School of Fashion Industries. The HSFI’s Fashion Design Program is a comprehensive course of study where students:IMG_3325

  • Gain skills and knowledge of fashion industry standards through hands on instruction.
  • Prepare for internships, entry-level jobs in the fashion industry, and post secondary educational opportunities in various fashion programs.
  • Learn Computer Fashion Art, Garment Construction and the art of three different types of pattern making which are: computerized, draping (three- dimensional), and manual. Also included in this program: Textile Science and Fashion Design Illustration.
  • Produce sample garments for our Annual Fashion Show utilizing fashion industry standards; at the end of the four year sequence in the fashion department.

These essential skills equip students with the tools necessary to excel in the fashion industry showcasing a high level of competency in this field.  Originally built as the Central Needle Trades High School, it had its origins in a garment loft on West 26th Street in 1926. Its original purpose was to provide a trained work force for the many trades in fashion related industries. Most of its students were immigrants or the children of immigrants who were trying to make new lives for themselves in a new country.IMG_3321

As part of a Works Projects Administration (WPA) project, construction of a new school was begun in 1938. Its design called for it to be the ultimate vocational school. It’s Visitor’s Guide referred to the new school as “The Fulfillment of an Ideal in the Field of Vocational Education.”  HSFI continues to provide students with applicable hands-on learning experiences, encouraging the development of skills needed to succeed in the fashion industries and/or post-secondary educational experiences.  Over 95% of HSFI seniors go off to college.  This is an incredible accomplishment for one of the largest high schools in Manhattan.  The administration, staff and advisers continue to devise programs that create applied learning experiences that merge academic and career skills, helping students see unity within the diversity of learning.  IMG_3360

TrimLab thought it a worthwhile exercise to offer a design competition to all senior classes for which scholarships would be awarded to the top five designs.  The concept was to submit a design using creativity in the application and use of zippers.  With the assistance of Lisa Barnett, Fashion Consultant and Sandra Manning, HSFI Fashion Design Coordinator, over thirty-five designs were submitted.  The seven finalists visited TrimLab to gather samples for their final design prototypes  The winning designs will be chosen by the end of April with the awarding of the scholarships.


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